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Established in 1998, Beta equipments Trading Sdn Bhd started in the market as a multi-brand tyre servicing equipment dealer. The company helps the local tyre and automotive servicing industry to source the best machine and equipment that suit their needs and budget with quality technical support and after sales service.

We have been a Launch dealer since they set up their office in Malaysia in 2004. At the time, the Malaysian automotive and tyre servicing equipment market was dominated by the European brands. Launch was having a hard time searching for dealers due to the general negative perception of the Chinese brands.

Currently, Beta equipments Trading Sdn Bhd is the only Malaysian distributor that has obtained the 2010 Excellent Distributor Award from Launch Tech.

We understand the importance of after sales service and technical back up. This is why we make sure we develop a strong technical service them. At the moment we have service technicians all based in our headquarters in Sri Kembangan, and sales personnel in Kuala Lumpur and Ipoh.

Thus, with reasonable pricing and strong service back up, as well as spare parts availability, we are confident that we will be able to increase our market share.

Beta equipments Trading Sdn Bhd are also looking into future expansion including the employment of more sales personnel for wider market converge and the expansion of the current headquarter premises in order to meet anticipated future growth in demand.

Beta equipments Trading Sdn Bhd, one of Launch Tech’s leading distributors in Malaysia, was recognised with Launch Excellent Distributor Award thrice, in 2010, 2012 and recently in 2015. The Launch Excellent Distributor 2015 Award was presented to Lawrence Seow during the Launch Overseas Distributors Annual Conference last year in Shenzhen, China.

The award acknowledges the distributor’s overall excellence in distributing, marketing and after-sales service of Launch’s products.

It is Launch’s way of expressing its appreciation for the integral role that its distributors play in building the brand. “We are proud to be recognised with the award. We believe that apart from selling quality products, constant aftersales and technical support on our part are essential for both our dealers and end-users. For end-users, they help to facilitate maximum profitability on our customers’ investments. With our own highly skilled and experienced aftersales teams that cover the whole of Peninsular Malaysia, our after-sales service not only provides fast problem solutions but also demonstrates a high level of professionalism and quality.” He understood that time was money for the customers. Thus, he stressed that the company would solve various after-sales problems effectively and accurately. “We will try to solve the problem on the first call.

Our charges are reasonable and in the case of having to make more than one trip to solve the same problem, the charges would remain the same as that quoted initially.” To ensure prompt after-sales services, he said the company stocked many common spare-parts in-house. As part of the company’s focus and ongoing commitment to provide top notch after-sales service to dealers and endusers, he after-sales service hotline was introduced in the middle of this year to provide greater convenience. The hotline was available Monday to Friday, from 8.45am to 6.30pm.

Beta equipments Trading Sdn Bhd carried a complete range of Launch’s diagnostic tools and lifts. To complement its product lines for the various needs in tyre servicing equipment, the company developed its own house brand, Beststar. Under Beststar, there were tyre changers, wheel balancers, air power compressors, air condition service stations and nitrogen tyre inflation systems.

The two new products that would be in the market soon were the BestStar truck tyre changer and agricultural tyre changer.The former could handle truck tyres with diameters from 14 to 26”. The latter was suitable for the various tyre sizes of large vehicles, including farm vehicles and engineering machines. Both featured the semi-automatic assist arm that could mount/demount the tyre more conveniently.

Moving forward, Seow revealed his plans to increase sales. “We plan to expand our sales and after-sales teams as well as bring in more products. I think now is the right timing. During a slowdown in the economy, people tend to look for products that are within their budget. The quality of Chinesemade tyre servicing equipment has improved significantly over the years, which gives us the competitive edge to further grow our business.

Beta equipments Trading Sdn Bhd has been established in the market for many years and we have become Launch’s distributor since the setup of its Malaysian office in 2004. In short, we are very experienced in Chinese-made products.”




佰得设备贸易有限公司了解到售后服务和技术服务的重要性。所以,我们壮大我们技术人员的团队来提供客户更好的服务。 我们的技术人员都在沙登的总公司,而我们的销售人员分布在吉隆坡和怡保。




为了迎合市场对轮胎服务设备的不同需求,我们也创建和发展了自己的品牌 Beststar。Beststar 的品牌里包括了轮胎拆装机、四轮平衡机、空气动力压缩机、汽车空调冷煤加注机及氮气轮胎充气系统。另外两款即将面市的新产品是 Beststar 卡车轮胎拆装机和农业轮胎拆装机。前者适用于14寸至26寸的卡车轮胎,后者则适合各种大型汽车的轮胎尺寸。这两款设备都备有半自动辅助臂,能够更方便地拆装轮胎。


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